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Havent forgotten about the birds mate....Savvy?

Arwen is my African Grey Timneh Parrot.  She was saved by me on my birthday last year.  She was abused and is missing most of her right foot, but thanks to her love and trust of me she is learning to get along without it.



Lani Bird is an Senegal Conure that I left behind in Huntington Beach California.  I miss her very much. Much to my chagrin, Dax is teaching her the Seminole whistle.  Unfortunately, because Africa is such a hotspot for disease in imports right now these birds have tripled in price, so please support breeding of the birds locally in the states.  They are silly little clowns.  Later I will have links for Senegal's and all the other birds.


UPDATED 9-10-05

This morning at 11 Moki2 was heard squaking along with Kaki, and I went to see what was wrong, and I saw him at the bottom of the cage.  He died seconds later in mikes hands, this happened 5 days after Emanias death.  Ill WML

This is for both Moki one and Moki 2.  I lost Moki one when I moved to California.  It is a tragic story, but one that I will tell eventually.  Quaker Parrots are extremely funny birds with HUGE personalities and bigger hearts.  And both of the ones that I have owned were avid talkers.  The one I have now says Arwens name, and tells her to shut up, and Arwen tells Moki as well **Smiles**