A Basic Personal Samhain Ritual


Supplies needed: You will need your regular tools, Photos of loved ones that you are honoring (if you don't have photos don't stress), a candle, Pomegranate and a knife, a piece of paper and pen(so you can write a aspect of your life you would like to banish like anger,bad habits ect.), cauldron (or a burn proof container) with either a candle in it or a small amount of kindling wood (I suggest a candle indoors and if outdoors use wood), a small plate marked with an eight spiked wheel symbol ( you can paint one on a old dish)...this is a representation of the wheel of the Year..

When ready cast your circle and call and invite your Deities.
 (You can use one you feel comfortable with or one from other rituals I posted. 
Do what feels right for your path). When done with casting and calling.
Blessed be the season of Samhain.
On this sacred night brings the Death of the God.
The time of the wise Crone Goddess. 
The Celebration of the spirits that has once walked with me.
Take a minute and think about the Sabbat and the meaning of it.
Next look at the photos of the loved ones that past.
 (If you don't have photos just focus on them for a minute)

Dearest loved ones, Tonight the passing of our God makes the veil which separates us thin.
 Please come to my circle side and join me in the celebration.

Light the unlit candle to guide the spirits to you.

Spend a few minutes sensing their presence. Try talking to them and say what you want to say.
Then stay quiet to see if you can feel their responses.
Take your time with this if you want or come back to it after you do the rest of the ritual you can.

 (If you call someone and they don't come. Don't get upset.
If you believe in reincarnation (most witches do, but not all ) the spirit you are searching for
could have been reincarnated so remember this and be happy for them!)

Next cut into the pomegranate remove a few of the seeds.
Then place them on the plate with the eight spoke wheel drawn on it.

Raise your wand or your hands, facing the alter.

On this Sabbat night of Samhain it marks your passing,
O Sun King, through the sunset you go into the Summerland.
Tho you are apart from your love you are not far, for your seed is growing with in.
O Gracious Goddess, Eternal Mother, Wise Crone. 
You who give birth to the fallen and the Young Lord. You who
teaches me that in the time of darkness there is great light to come.

Eat a few seeds and look at the wheel of the year. Think about the cycle of the seasons,
and the end and beginning of all life.
Hold the Goddess candle in your left hand and the God candle in your right hand
Put out the God candle to signify his death. Replace both candles on the alter as far apart as you can put them to show they are apart.

Blessed be the Crone Goddess in her time of sorrow and mourning.
Blessed be the Sun King now the beloved one of the Summerland.

Next write on the paper the habit or whatever you want to banish from your life on this new year.
Light the candle or fire, sit before the cauldron holding the paper. Look at the flame

Wise One of the Waning Moon,
Goddess of the starry night,
I create this fire within your cauldron 
to rid me of which plagues me.
May the energies be reversed and transform me.
From darkness comes light!
From bane, good!
From death comes birth!

Light the paper and drop it into the flame. As it burns, know that what you are banishing is lessening and leaving you as it is consumed with the fire.
Now you can do anymore spell work you need to, or continue to communicate with your loved ones,
Meditate or Celebrate the Simple Feast.

When you are ready release your circle using what you want to. After

The circle is open, but unbroken.
May all that has been done this night go in Love and Light!
Blessed Be!
After I am done I leave the candle out to guide the spirits back to summerland.
 I also leave an offering from my simple feast out too for their journey.