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General rundown about me....


A Floridian Haolie who has seen much and lived through many things both good and VERY bad. One could say that I have been tempered by fire. I am a follower of the Pagan path and was raised that way by my mother.
If you want a description of me in short? My last husband was a Rock singer who was a Temp Lead singer for a VERY big name band in Detroit b 4 he moved to Fla. Then ended up joining a Bike Club. I left im for survival reason, as it just omega replica watches did not grove with my nature and soul the way things were going. So what did i do? LOL Married a Engineer of course.
I always was a Nerd/Geek...Hell I went to computer camp in my Teens...LOL
So...Me? Im a 50 year old Stevie nicks / Robert Plant hybrid tree Hugging Hippie who was taken to Janice Joplin at the age of 5...so THAT was MY music growing up...and my first tattoo was Jimmy Pages's symbol...(Dad almost kicked my ass as he was military)
Intriqued? Good...Cause this is gonna have my musings etc etc...blah blah...cause I have a lotta wisdom to share and no child to impart to, so you my gentle reader, are my victims...LMAO...IJK...
Mt website is
And that has been online since 1995. So check it and love it or hate it. Cause for now it is still free to have a opinion in this country right?

XOXO Peace out

Morgana and Blessed Be )O(